Parkmere Decontamination Service


What is Parkmere’s decontamination service?

  • Partnering with a decontamination service provider
  • For the decontamination of your whole premises, equipment and furniture
  • It is used in nursing homes and hospitals, and suitable to be used in all other areas and buildings


How does it work?

  • The decontamination is done using the Medi9 fogging system
  • A very fine mist is sprayed onto the areas and equipment to be decontaminated without causing any damage
  • There is no need to remove equipment, furniture or soft furnishings as Medi9 is safe to use in all environs
  • No need to disable the fire alarm or ventilation system
  • The mist air dries, and the area is safe for access 30 minutes after decontamination has taken place


What sort of areas and equipment can be done?

  • All areas can be decontaminated, including toilets, offices, IT suites, kitchens, canteens, sports hall, even minibuses!
  • Furniture of any type – soft seating, office tables and chairs, dining tables, classroom furniture, etc, etc
  • All equipment including sports apparatus, catering trolleys – anything that can be touched with human hands!
  • Every fitment and furnishing – blinds, switches, light fittings, banisters, coat pegs, etc, etc
  • And all those hard to reach places, and nooks and crannies that are frequently missed….


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